Saturday, July 5, 2008

How NOT to ask for directions

Walking down main street in East Hampton (don't ask me why I was dumb enough to even be near the village after Memorial Day.)

I hear honking and then "Hey, HEY!". I turn around and see a BMW, with it's occupants waving at me like they're on fire. I go over to see the emergency and get "What are you, deaf? How do we get to the Maidstone Club?"

After a second of shock I recovered and sent them to Maidstone Park, as far into Springs as possible. They whipped an illegal U Turn and off to Springs they went.

If you ask a local for directions and actually want to get there, ask them nicely.

- L


  1. I think I ran into them on Albert's Landing Rd. I gave them my best shortcut: "Hang a right after Green River Cemetery"

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  3. EXCELLENT JOB!! haha...from albert's landing, i would've send them towards 27 in AMagansett & told them to turn left onto 27 and go 4-5 miles LOL!

  4. I always give them directions back to the city

  5. how do I get to mecox?

    it is right below meballs

  6. I never give city people the right directions. I usually tell them to get on 27 and just keep heading west they will find their destination!