Saturday, September 5, 2009

Horny Older Woman In Her Lexus - WATCH OUT

This was absolutely the CRAZIEST thing I have ever seen a city driver do (I say city because the car was from Lexus of Manhattan).

I was entering Waldbaums when I heard sustained honking growing nearer. I looked around and the perpetrator came into view. An older woman was driving towards the stop sign (really fast actually) and laying on her horn.

I thought "Perhaps a maniac enemy cut her break lines"...


Not at all... because she did slam on her breaks as she neared the stopped car. This was a Friday afternoon and the car was making a left on Newtown... NOT an easy or quick maneuver.

As she is stopped behing him, she CONTINUES to lay on her horn... which is now causing EVERYONE to stop in their tracks and stare. No one could believe it.

The best part was that the person in front of her got really intimidated so they started trying to inch out... so she (barely) passed them on the right, almost ran over a few pedestrians and turned (STILL HONKING).

Now, where were all of those wonderful EH police officers then?

I get pulled over for doing 35 in a 30!

- K

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hamptons Tweeters, not tweakers

No we're not taking about meth users, that would be tweaker.

Blog Hamptons has put together a directory of various Hamptons Twitter accounts.

Definitely worth checking out.

- The Editor

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Idiot moonlighting as crossing guard at Bridgehampton Commons

Driving through the Bridgehampton Commons parking lot, you (obviously) always have to be on the lookout for pedestrians...especially ones who don't use the crosswalks.

I was driving past Rite Aid and a woman started crossing. Naturally, I stopped for her to cross. Then, she put her hands up like a crossing guard to stop me and started saying something. Confused, I rolled down my window and asked her if she was talking to me...

She says: "You know, pedestrians have the right of way, especially in this parking lot." In the absolute rudest tone I've ever heard! (and I've seen a lot of tourists act particularly rude to people out here)

My daughter, who was sitting in the back seat, and I couldn't stop laughing while she quickly and angrily walked away.

Come on lady! It's not like I hit you or even got close to hitting you for that matter. The "especially" in this parking lot? is really the part that I found totally ridiculous. Haha, What?!

- Hannah

Directions to Sagg Main Beach

Bonackers 'givin it back!!!! On Sunday, I witnessed the following exchange on Bridge Lane in Sagaponack:

3 Douchebags in a flashy convertible stop near an old Bonacker and his wife who were crabbing on Sagg Bridge - one of them shouts, "hey, tell us the way to Sagg Main Beach" (by the way, without a "please" or a "Sir, can you help us out").

Old Bonacker gives them a long drawn-out look and then a snort, and says "OK, first you TURN AROUND AND THEN YOU GO THE HELL BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM - that's the way to Sagg Main Beach."

The look on their faces: Priceless.

Made the end of my Summer!

- Sis 'Boom Bonacker