Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back that A$$ Up and Get Your Gas

As usual, Hess is busy so I navigate towards an end pump and pull up behind someone. There is a person in front of me and next to me is a man filling up his red container with gas.

I figure, whoever gets done first, I'll either pull forward or back up.

The man next to me is done filling up his container so I begin to back up only to realize that there is quite a traffic jam so I keep my car in reverse and stay put. A man pulls up next to me and is eyeing my pump. I still don't back up because he's relatively close to my car and I don't want to hit anything.

The next thing I know, the man is backing up to my bumper. There's no way he could even be able to get gas, it was obviously my spot, he had no room.

So, now there are three cars lined up at two pumps.

We then begin a battle of yelling at each other through our rear view mirrors. "I'M USING IT! I WAS HERE FIRST!" but does he move, no. He just throws his hand out the window and waving it all around. I eventually got out of the car to start filling up and he decided it was time to find another spot.

Because I look young, people try to push me around. It's always "me first" around here. I certainly don't want to get in an accident at a gas station and blow anything up but I also waited my time and looked around.

- EG

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beware of Ocean Beach Sidlers

I was reading a story from Summer 07 called Down in Front! and it reminded me of when my family and I went to the ocean one day.

We always go early because there are usually at least 15 or 20 of our friends and family.

We go early because there are a lot of kids and we want to sit by the water.

We had all of our stuff out and since there are so many of us we try and take up as little room as possible.

At this point pretty much the whole ocean is empty and these people come and sit right next to us and then walk through all of our stuff and "like" bump into us.

Giving us dirty looks because we had little kids with us.

Why did they have to pick there they had the whole beach to pick from?


The Editor - Sidler is a technical term from an episode of Seinfeld.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bag of Weed and a Shiv - An Expecting Couple's Weekend Essentials

I've been waiting for my chance to submit something to you...I see things all the time, but there are so many - and, really, so many so trifling - that I've developed a "Teflon" attitude towards ill-bred behavior. But the scenario I'm about to describe took the cake!

I was visiting my relatives in Remsenberg and had to drive into Westhampton Beach to go to Waldbaum's. (Does that qualify as the Hamptons? It did by name only when I was growning up...While Remsenberg, on the other hand, was much more like old-time Southampton.)

As I was waiting outside over Memorial Day weekend, an Escalade SUV came into Waldbaum's and carefully parked diagonally in 2 spots, the drivers describing his, what he considered valid, reason for doing - so as not to get a scratch on his car.

Shortly thereafter a 90+ yr. old man drove into the lot and because there was no other place to park and because he could squeeze his car in beside the SUV, parked there. While the elderly gentleman was in the Waldbaum's, the Escalade owners (renters? of SUV and "summer share?") came out and "what the F***! Can you believe someone F*ing parked right here?? Slash his F*ing tires!!"

The driver actually slashed the older man's tire, and left. Luckily, there was an off duty cop there, watching everything, and called a dispatcher. The police helped the man change his tire and the police caught the tire slashers.

As it turned out, the "people" in the Escalade had a bag of pot in their possession and one of them kicked it under the police car when they were caught. A witness saw the person do it, and so they were arrested for possession and for tire slashing.

But wait, as if all that's not bad enough, there's more likely to be on the way.

The woman in the Escalade was pregnant!!

God help us all. Summer is definitely here!

- PL

The Editor - I wasn't able to verify the story in the local paper - if anyone has a link to the article leave a comment. For more information on shivs - click here

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Honk If You Care

I was trying for a parking spot at CVS to pick-up some medicine this afternoon. Waiting for a spot to open up, finally a SUV pulls out and as I go to pull in a Mercedes comes whipping around into the spot.

The person drove in through the parking lot exit!

Much easier to miss others waiting if you drive in the wrong way.

I honked a few times and they pulled back out. If I hadn't made a scene they probably would have just kept the spot.

- RE