Monday, July 26, 2010

Guest of a Guest reports on poor service at Serafina East Hampton

Read for yourself - here

Saturday, July 24, 2010

GTFO "my" elliptical machine

Sunday morning I went to work out on the elliptical machine at the local gym. The gym is a pretty friendly place, but on Sunday mornings it can get a little crowded.

All the ellipticals are often in use.  But people come and go.  You can't stay on one of those things forever.

I had 5 minutes remaining on my workout when the young woman from the front desk interrupts me to report there is another member who would like to use the specific elliptical I am on.  The attendant tells me the other member has said that I have been on the machine for over 50 minutes which is beyond the limit.

It was also just plain made up fiction.

Pointing to the digital time display I show her I have only 5 minutes remaining, then it will be free.

Hearing this, the other member flies into a public display about how valuable her time is and she shouldn't have to wait.  By now, after the outburst, the clock is ticking and I explain I will be off in 2 minutes. When I get off the machine, she announces to everyone how rude and inconsiderate I am.

The attendant apologized profusely and explained this member was adamant that she be given that machine.  I explained to her when people behave this way it is in fact possible to turn to them and ask them to be patient for 5 minutes rather than indulging their bad behavior simply cause they are making the biggest scene.

It is not uncommon for your machine of choice to be occupied at the gym.  It happens in the city all the time and usually people wait patiently.  Somehow out here this person chose to let us know how valuable her time was.

Funny enough, as I finally finished those last 2 minutes, two other machines became available simultaneously.  An unpleasant way to start a beautiful Sunday which could have been easily avoided.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Great new short-cut in Springs

This kind of thing has happened a few times.

Today, driving down Neck Path in Springs, I come to a stop at the corner of Neck and Old Stone (market on the corner) to make a left onto Old Stone.

The East End Taxi behind me bombs through the market parking lot to get ahead of me.  Not only rude but incredibly dangerous in an active parking area.

- B

Where the wild things are in East Hampton

My husband, daughter and I had just finished seeing a movie in East Hampton over July 4th weekend.  We crossed the street and were trying to head back to the parking lot through the pass-through by Starbucks.

Two couples with a gaggle of children all named Aidan, Brayden, and Jayden were standing around chit-chatting while the kids ran around like maniacs pushing and hitting each other.  There were about a dozen other people trying to get through the pass through (as the movie just let out) and they just kept on talking, not moving, letting their kids run wild.

As I'm trying to dodge the flying child fists (and avoid them hitting my 3 year old), I finally said, "EXCUSE ME, PLEASE!" and they just looked shocked, and still didn't move.

All of us had to snake our way dodging and weaving through this rude brood.

So annoying!

- A

Animal Cruelty at the Route 27 Mobil Station in Southampton

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was pulling into the Mobil Station on 27 from the north side of North Sea Road.

The only available pump required me to drive around the store island. As I drove around the island, a blond women in a black, CA registered, beat up, 4 Runner pulled onto the gas station, facing the same problem as I did from the other direction, she had to turn around in order to face the pump. She passed the pump preparing to do a turn around, when I pulled up at the pump just behind her after I drove around the store island.

After she saw me, she rolled down the window and gave me a fine sample of her repertoire of "f" and "a" words. I explained the situation to her, that I arrived at the gas station prior to her and moved on to fill my car. She pulled up behind the car at the pump next to me to start a conversation with the driver of the car in front of her, who quickly recommended to release the German Shepherd which was seated in the backside of her car, all of this while eying me.

Believe it or not, the women opened the door to let her German Shepherd out without a leash.

Fortunately I was done filling up my car at this point and left the gas station thinking how that poor dog must listen to that woman's foul mouth all the time.