Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Curb Your Dog? Nope, Curb Your Humans at Cameron Beach!

Going to the beach early 6:30 am is a ritual. My dogs - Zak and Zoe and I look forward to it.  We get back home shortly after 9 am since dogs are not allowed after 9 am.

Many mornings I always find some kind of debris left from the night before and I place it all in an extra bag I carry with me.

This morning being Sunday was particularly disturbing, as at the edge of beautiful Mecox bay close to the ocean there was in an area 12 empty beer bottles, the carton they came in, empty white Styrofoam containers, and 2 large plastic containers that had a lot of sushi with all the plastic condiments, plastic cups, dirty paper towels, and a dirty child diaper etc....

There was a large supermarket bag left so I filled the bag plus my own bag and brought them to the container at the Cameron beach parking lot.

They want to ban dogs from the beach!!!!! Let's rethink that!

Right by the edge of the ocean there were large boxes which had contained huge fireworks.  I could not lift them but some town workers who were removing a fence took them at my suggesting it.

This was one area of one beach.

Is there any consciousness in people who leave their trash behind.........