Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine

Yesterday I needed to get a fruit basket as a thank you gift for the host of a bridal shower. I stopped in Citarella's looking for the elusive fruit basket.

Mass chaos - no fruit baskets to be found

I decided that I'd get a cup of coffee instead and leave.

At this point I'm near the exit and there is a line of shoppers with carts running down into the aisle. I walked up to a man and asked if he would move his cart so I could get back to the coffee near the entrance of the store.

He turns to me and says, "No, I'm a very busy man."

I'm not entirely sure what exactly that has to do with moving a cart to let me slide through.

My solution: walk out the exit and walk back in the entrance.

As I was leaving I noticed another man with ~six shopping carts full of food. I guess he thought he ordered on FreshDirect because he was becoming irate when he found out he actually had to stand on line to check out all the items.

- Still looking for my fruit basket

Oops I Forgot My Eye Patch

This is not a rude posting, more a odd posting.

Maybe a new trend is starting, but Friday night at Cittanuova we saw a lady walk up with a large parrot on her shoulder.

Are parrots the new pocket book dogs?

Should we expect Paris Hilton to have her own parrot soon.

Stay tuned, we'll keep an eye on this minor trend.

Maybe it'll go the pirate route.
The Editor