Saturday, June 30, 2007

Get Your Very Own Rude Hamptons Bumper Sticker

They have finally arrived, bumper stickers. They are black with white lettering, a great way to detail your bumper and potentially ward off rude people.

I have limited supplies, but if you want one I'll make it really easy.
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The Editor

Self-Service Coffee

I'm standing in Golden Pear trying to buy a cup of coffee. There were two twenty-something men standing at the coffee urns.

They're standing there for 5 minutes and nobody else can get to the coffee. It's self serve.

They start hassling the lady behind the counter about not being waited on.

The counter lady promptly pointed to the urns.

They grumbled and got their coffee. No apologies for yelling at the lady for their own idiocy.

- Java Joe

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Witches are back in Sag Harbor?

My husband, son, and I were working in a Sag Harbor store refinishing the floors.

I just finished vacuuming and was bringing the vacuum out to the van. As I was doing this two couples walked by and one of the women said, "Look at this modern day witch."

I promptly said to the husband, "you'd better watch your wife, or she'll get knocked on her ass."

I walked back inside and told my son what the lady said. My son asked, "where are they now?"

My son walked into 7-11 and said to the woman, "you know that was my mother you were talking to. You know that was really rude and uncalled for."
At this point I walked up to her and asked her, "Do you have anything to say now since I don't have a vacuum in my hand?"

She replied, "No, no."

- Hotline caller

Please note I had to transcribe this and I accidentally deleted if after hearing it a few times. Still learning this voice mail system. Caller if I missed something please call me back or post a comment. Thanks! The Editor

Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's bring gridlock to East Hampton

Earlier this week I was driving West on Route 27 into East Hampton. As I approached a red light at the intersection of 27 with Newtown Lane, cars were piling up so I stopped to avoid blocking the left turn for North Main Street.

Once I stop the car behind me proceeds to hold down his horn. Not a beep, or a toot. If I hadn't looked back I would have assumed he had a heart attack and slumped onto the steering wheel. Not so, he just thought it would be a good idea to bring some gridlock to East Hampton.

Click here to see the view from Google Maps.

- B

Monday, June 18, 2007

Down in front!

I went to Southampton Beach with my husband, my 2 children, my girlfriend, her 3 children and 4 other friends (twelve people in all). The beach was crowded that day so we looked for a spot just passed the life guard, but close enough to them. There was a women sitting further back on the beach. We started to set up our area closer to the water as we had 1 small child with us. The woman kept staring at me so I finally ask her why. She replies "Your blocking my view". I didn't know you can own a view on the beach.
- K

- Editor: What are the the proper beach rules? Normally if the tide goes out I move closer if I value ocean front seating.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

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The Editor

Friday, June 1, 2007

You can't park here, bub

The fact that the Village Board has decided to extend the two hour parking limit in the Reutershan lot is completely absurd. They village clearly does not listen to the voices of the people who work in the village, as demonstrated by a recent article in the East Hampton Star.
At the very least the Village should provide transportation between the Long Term lot and the village, ideally through the use of a multi-passenger golf cart which can be equipped with a top and sides to protect riders during inclement weather and which would be able to drive through the Herrick Park, making the trip must shorter than the previously under-used bus that had serviced the long term lot during the summer months only.

Clearly this is an attempt by the village to raise money through parking tickets as there is no logical reason for enforcing this two hour limit during the off season months.

Alternatively the Village should consider enforcing the parking time limit every day only from Memorial Day to Labor Day and then on Friday, Saturday and Sundays through the rest of the year with transportation provided during the times of bad weather and earlier sunsets.
- RM