Friday, June 22, 2007

Let's bring gridlock to East Hampton

Earlier this week I was driving West on Route 27 into East Hampton. As I approached a red light at the intersection of 27 with Newtown Lane, cars were piling up so I stopped to avoid blocking the left turn for North Main Street.

Once I stop the car behind me proceeds to hold down his horn. Not a beep, or a toot. If I hadn't looked back I would have assumed he had a heart attack and slumped onto the steering wheel. Not so, he just thought it would be a good idea to bring some gridlock to East Hampton.

Click here to see the view from Google Maps.

- B


  1. If the light at Main and Newtown is about to turn green, you are better off not worrying about the people who are waiting to make a left onto North Main. Sometimes courtesy, like stopping for jaywalkers in front of the movie theater, for example, can be a bad idea when the driver in the other lane doesn't take the clue.

  2. Spanky - you're right on with the jaywalking problem. Someone is going to get seriously injured one of these days.

    The Editor