Friday, May 28, 2010

Line Vigilante Needed In East Hampton CVS

I was in the CVS in East Hampton the other day, waiting patiently in line. When this older (had to be) city couple came up and stood right at the counter behind the person that was being helped.

So I leaned in and said, "The line is over here!"

So they look at me like I have ten heads and say, "Well why would the line be over there? How is anybody supposed to know that. That is stupid."

So I say "Well that is the way it has always been in this store!"

Not the best rude story, could have been a lot worse. It is just the intro to the summer. And I will NOT keep my mouth shut!

- BF

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Viagra Vic and Bottle Blonde Demand Right Of Way

With my small dog in my arms and my big dog on her leash, we came to the side of a driveway on Georgica Road in East Hampton.

Just as the gates were opening, a silver Jaguar, with a male driver of the same hair color and a bottle blonde at his side, emerged.

Rather than motion us "Come on," he put up his hand and told us to "Stop."

When will this kind of newcomer realize that his cheap trophy wife, money, deer fences, privacy hedges, and electric gates does not him a gentleman make.

- M