Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Challenged Chick Challenges Pedestrian Right Of Way

Tonight (Saturday the 28th).

In East Hampton.

At the intersection of Newtown Lane and Main Street.

A big boo-hoo to the idiot chick in the huge SUV who honked, rolled down her window, and yelled at walkers crossing WITH THE BLINKING WHITE WALK SIGN that we were in HER WAY to make a right turn on red!?

Yay for the well-dressed glamorous ladies who beat me to the punch (so-to-speak) and yelled back to READ THE LIGHTED SIGNS!

Another one for the Rude Hamptons website. Grrrrrrrr.

- TS

You Ask And We Won't Tell You Policy at Loaves and Fishes

On my way to Sagg Main Beach, I wandered into Loaves and Fishes and asked the old(ish) lady behind the counter how much a particular goat cheese was.

"Why would you want to know?" was the response.

Sufficeth it to say I'm never shopping there again,  but I may very well have an accident with a carton or two of eggs there one of these days.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Funeral Pyres On The Beach and Squatters

My beef is the folks who feel it is OK to sit on top of you and your things at the beach.

I recently found a nice "hole" where I would not be too close to the other beachgoers. Not 5 minutes later a family arrived and set up their chairs right in front of me.

They were so close that one of their children actually commented, "Mom, aren't we too close to these people?" Of course the mom said, "No!" and sat down.

But even worse was the evening I was at the beach enjoying sandwiches and salads with my husband when a large family - possibly a reunion - arrived. They did set up their chairs, etc, a decent distance away, but then sent one of the boys to dig a hole for a beach fire. The child started digging about 3 feet behind my chair.

When his mom came over to check out his work - he hadn't done much yet - and tell him dinner was ready, I asked them to please dig a little further away.

Of course I got another "No!"

Not too long after, they actually lit that fire just a few feet from my chair.

What is wrong with people?


Volunteer, Get Lost, Get A Ticket

My son and I were volunteering at a benefit in East Hampton on Sat 8/14 and as we were leaving, I was trying to find my way to main st, via a side street and was pulled over by a rude police office, who claimed I was speeding.

I explained I am not from the area and was trying to find my way out and was not speeding down a side street, he was so rude and gave me a ticket.

- M

Friday, August 27, 2010

Entitled Navigator Gets A Twofer

I had to go to Waldbaums in Southampton to pick up a few items on Friday. I like to park in the spots near the wall where there are two handicapped spots and about 5 regular spots.

I go to pull into a spot and see there is ginormous Lincoln Navigator (in black of course) deliberately parked over the line to take up two spots. I checked to see if there was a handicapped sticker on the car,  because I can understand someone with a wheelchair needing to take the two spots.

Of course, I didn't find one. Luckily, I was able to find a blank piece of paper in my car and left a nice note for the driver of the Navigator that read, "Learn how to park."

When I returned to my car I saw the Navigator had gone, and seemingly took my note along with it, just in case it forgot how to park in the future.

- T

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cell Phone Zombies Prowling Around

It's the people who leave trash all over the place, or talk really loudly on their cellphones while bumping into you walking on sidewalks or in stores ... or the jerk who sat in her huge SUV in the firezone at Waldbaums, blocking the narrow roadway and people from getting their cars OUT of their parking spaces, who shrugged and kept yapping away on her phone when I banged on her windshield.


Don't let the secret out..

I am reading these awful stories about the Hamptons and feel sad.  Those of us who live here know that before and after the summer months this is a beautiful place to live quite devoid of rudeness, loudmouths and inconsiderate jerks.  It is the rude people that make this place uncomfortable in summer and not the natural beauty and wonderful people who are normally here.

- Andrea

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Returning Locals Have Parking Problems

I just returned from the Hamptons and can't say that anyone except my in-laws actually behaved badly during my stay.

What I would like to say is that my husband grew up in the Hamptons.  Since we no longer have family there taking my son surfing at K road required an elaborate shuttle exercise.  My husband bought day passes at Ponquogue Beach, dropped us off with his board and all our beach stuff, and then returned to Ponquogue Beach to park.  My husband would then bike to K road.  The process had to be reversed at the end of the day, with hubby taking the bike back to Ponquogue and getting the car to come collect us.   Honestly locals only is one thing but as a tourist destination for surfing the town  doesn't seem tourist friendly at all.

When you compound the insult with the poor value for money of our stay at the Drake on Penny Lane it ends up being a case of when bad things happen to beautiful places.

Is it really true?  You can't go home again...


Ignore the Elderly

This reminds me of something I witnessed on the Jitney years ago and have been sorry about ever since that I did not stick up for the victim.

In the early days of cell phones, before it was common knowledge that it is tabu to talk on your cell phone on the Jitney, an obnoxious younger man was loudly talking so everyone could hear his life's story.

An elderly lady next to him asked him to lower his volume. After several painful minutes of listening to this guy, she went to the busdriver and asked him to tell the guy to get off the phone.

The driver stood up and asked him to hang up and the guy says, "I'm not going to hang up just because some old lady is bothered."

I bit my tongue and have lived to regret not sticking up for her.

- Shop Girl

Montauk Monster Returns

At our beach, near Ditch (the public beach) throwing a stick in the surf for our lab to go fetch and a rude dog and its owner walk by and the little rat kept barking, "YAP-YAP-YAP" and nipping at my dogs legs.

Oh course the lab only has eyes for the stick and ignored him.

A beautiful day and I have to listen to this ugl...y noise and avoid this excuse for a dog.

The owner kept walking down the beach and saw what her dog was doing, but did nothing!

Finally after the dog kept coming back to nip and YAP some more, I waved my arms and said, "Shoo,  GET!"

She comes back and says, "don't hit my dog with that stick"

"Really! I'm just trying to teach him some manners... "

She says "he's just trying to be social."

She really thought her dog biting and YAAPing was social behavior?????

Then she walks off and shoots me the bird like we're on the highway... where do these aggressive people come from???

- AM

Thursday, August 19, 2010

East Hampton Po-Po Catch The Bagel Bully

My friend and I were going to get bagels at Goldberg's in East Hampton near the beverage store and as you would expect on a Sunday morning, the lines were quite long. A very old man (looked around 90) was waiting in front of me patiently when this young guy with the baseball cap turned around walks up to the front of the line and tells one of the servers "I am not waiting on this line for one bagel".

She looked scared and gave him his bagel.

My friend and I looked at each other and commented on the entitled people of the Hamptons. We finally left and were going west on 27 and there was quite a backup as you approach the light near the CVS. We were going to turn right at the light going towards the IGA but we waited in line as we were not near the broken line that allows you to go into the turning lane.

Suddenly a car comes flying by on the shoulder of the road and my friend screams "it's him."

We look at each other in disgust when a police car with its lights on goes flying by us on the shoulder and, you guessed it, he gets pulled over. We high fived each other and it was a moment that brought us some insane joy.

I wanted to pull up to the police car and say "he cut the bagel line too" but I just enjoyed watching him sit PATIENTLY as the cop wrote the ticket.

- Peggy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Granny Etiquette Lesson in Southampton

A friend was eating chips in the parking lot of Waldbaums in Southampton.

An old lady comments, "we don't eat in public in Southampton. That's for New York City."

She then goes down the street to her car, and leaves her cart in the middle of the sidewalk.

I had to restrain myself from confronting her. No excuse for rude behavior even if you are old!

- Danny

Town Pond Father Daughter Demolition Derby

Ok. This one tops it for me.

While driving west towards town pond in East Hampton, we were passed by a luxurious Mercedes driven by a young chickie.  She passed my son after the merge, and cut him off.

Moments later, she plowed into the back of another Mercedes.

Of course I told my son to pull over, so we pulled in behind both vehicles. The elderly man in the first car (also a fancy smancy Mercedes) got out of his car and sat on the grass. I walked over to him, when he gestured at me to go away, and rudely told me that he was okay and didn't need help.

Thinking he was in shock, I asked if he was sure.  He was sure alright.

My son had approached us by this time, and didn't even have the chance to ask if everyone were okay, when the man told my 17 yr old son to f@*k off.

We retreated back to the car, and the drivers proceeded to get back in their car. The young chippie pulled an illegal u-turn, dented up front end and all, and headed back east. The man took an alternate route.

I guess it doesn't take too much to surmise that the rude man got plowed into by his own daughter, hence dismissing us and any help. I guess he would rather pay (what appeared to be probably around $30,000 between both cars) for it himself, than to go through his insurance.

Hmmmm, maybe this wasn't the first time that his wreckless, ding dong daughter (or other close relative) did something this stupid.  So much for being the good samaritan, or for teaching our youth what caring about each other is all about.  Hmmpf!