Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Returning Locals Have Parking Problems

I just returned from the Hamptons and can't say that anyone except my in-laws actually behaved badly during my stay.

What I would like to say is that my husband grew up in the Hamptons.  Since we no longer have family there taking my son surfing at K road required an elaborate shuttle exercise.  My husband bought day passes at Ponquogue Beach, dropped us off with his board and all our beach stuff, and then returned to Ponquogue Beach to park.  My husband would then bike to K road.  The process had to be reversed at the end of the day, with hubby taking the bike back to Ponquogue and getting the car to come collect us.   Honestly locals only is one thing but as a tourist destination for surfing the town  doesn't seem tourist friendly at all.

When you compound the insult with the poor value for money of our stay at the Drake on Penny Lane it ends up being a case of when bad things happen to beautiful places.

Is it really true?  You can't go home again...


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