Thursday, August 19, 2010

East Hampton Po-Po Catch The Bagel Bully

My friend and I were going to get bagels at Goldberg's in East Hampton near the beverage store and as you would expect on a Sunday morning, the lines were quite long. A very old man (looked around 90) was waiting in front of me patiently when this young guy with the baseball cap turned around walks up to the front of the line and tells one of the servers "I am not waiting on this line for one bagel".

She looked scared and gave him his bagel.

My friend and I looked at each other and commented on the entitled people of the Hamptons. We finally left and were going west on 27 and there was quite a backup as you approach the light near the CVS. We were going to turn right at the light going towards the IGA but we waited in line as we were not near the broken line that allows you to go into the turning lane.

Suddenly a car comes flying by on the shoulder of the road and my friend screams "it's him."

We look at each other in disgust when a police car with its lights on goes flying by us on the shoulder and, you guessed it, he gets pulled over. We high fived each other and it was a moment that brought us some insane joy.

I wanted to pull up to the police car and say "he cut the bagel line too" but I just enjoyed watching him sit PATIENTLY as the cop wrote the ticket.

- Peggy

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  1. I had a shop in the Hamptons for 4 years, and I am well familiar with rude freaks such as this one. PLEASE, please....if you are a shopkeeper or employee of a shop in the Hamptons....DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED by these soul-less, shells of human beings! Hold your prepared for the season regarding how you intend to respond/react to these types.

    They have no respect even for the history of the place, and how it developed and was slowly cultivated...over hundreds of years!