Monday, August 30, 2010

Funeral Pyres On The Beach and Squatters

My beef is the folks who feel it is OK to sit on top of you and your things at the beach.

I recently found a nice "hole" where I would not be too close to the other beachgoers. Not 5 minutes later a family arrived and set up their chairs right in front of me.

They were so close that one of their children actually commented, "Mom, aren't we too close to these people?" Of course the mom said, "No!" and sat down.

But even worse was the evening I was at the beach enjoying sandwiches and salads with my husband when a large family - possibly a reunion - arrived. They did set up their chairs, etc, a decent distance away, but then sent one of the boys to dig a hole for a beach fire. The child started digging about 3 feet behind my chair.

When his mom came over to check out his work - he hadn't done much yet - and tell him dinner was ready, I asked them to please dig a little further away.

Of course I got another "No!"

Not too long after, they actually lit that fire just a few feet from my chair.

What is wrong with people?


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