Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Montauk Monster Returns

At our beach, near Ditch (the public beach) throwing a stick in the surf for our lab to go fetch and a rude dog and its owner walk by and the little rat kept barking, "YAP-YAP-YAP" and nipping at my dogs legs.

Oh course the lab only has eyes for the stick and ignored him.

A beautiful day and I have to listen to this ugl...y noise and avoid this excuse for a dog.

The owner kept walking down the beach and saw what her dog was doing, but did nothing!

Finally after the dog kept coming back to nip and YAP some more, I waved my arms and said, "Shoo,  GET!"

She comes back and says, "don't hit my dog with that stick"

"Really! I'm just trying to teach him some manners... "

She says "he's just trying to be social."

She really thought her dog biting and YAAPing was social behavior?????

Then she walks off and shoots me the bird like we're on the highway... where do these aggressive people come from???

- AM

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