Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretend Deaf Customer Service In WHB

Going into Beach Bakery in Westhampton Beach this Saturday, I didn't expect to find any rude people, since it is the beginning of November and the summer people are long gone--boy, was I wrong!

I go to the self-serve coffee area to make myself and my collegue a cup of coffee.  I notice the both the half-and-half and non-fat milk containers are empty.  The girl at the register is busy ringing someone up, so I look for other assistance.  There is another girl behind the counter; looks like she was cleaning something up behind the counter.

"Excuse me", I say meekly.  No answer.  "Um, I'm sorry...excuse me", I say again.  Again, no answer.  I try a bit louder: "Excuse me...I'm you have more milk?"

She does not answer, but this time, she looks in my direction and continues doing whatever it is she is doing back there.  One more time..."Uh..excuse me?  You're out of non-fat and half-and-half....", again, NOTHING!  Finally, I look her staight in the eye, and say, "Can you hear me?" I swear to God for a moment there, I thought maybe she was deaf!

She finally answers snidley, "Yeah, I can hear you fine, I'm just busy!", and proceeds to WALK AWAY.

I left my coffee on the counter and walked out the door.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Montauk continues to fade away

I would just like to make a comment on the beautiful south shore of Long Island. When I was a child my mom and dad took me out to Amagansett and we stayed in Gansett green (over 40 years ago).

Over the years I have gone out to Montauk multiple times every year. Realized years ago that "the Hamptons" is not the place for me. Love the small town feel of Montauk and respect the natural beauty and therefore the year round residents wanting to keep it the way it has been for years and years.

I have stayed in many different hotels in montauk. Recently the Montauk Yacht Club (which I have stayed many times) did a complete renovation. After the renovation, the rates went up by approx. 300%

A room now costs $600 per night.

This is ridiculous and what I believe will be the reason why this resort will only have rude, "entitled" guests to stay at this resort. Not that all people who can afford to spend$600 per night for a room are rude, but I believe this marks the downfall of the beautiful Montauk area if average hard working people can not enjoy this area.

I don't know if I have explained myself correctly, but I am not one to write such comments, so my fingers are beginning to cramp up.

Hoping to enjoy many more relaxing times out in Montauk, but no longer at the Montauk Yacht Club.