Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretend Deaf Customer Service In WHB

Going into Beach Bakery in Westhampton Beach this Saturday, I didn't expect to find any rude people, since it is the beginning of November and the summer people are long gone--boy, was I wrong!

I go to the self-serve coffee area to make myself and my collegue a cup of coffee.  I notice the both the half-and-half and non-fat milk containers are empty.  The girl at the register is busy ringing someone up, so I look for other assistance.  There is another girl behind the counter; looks like she was cleaning something up behind the counter.

"Excuse me", I say meekly.  No answer.  "Um, I'm sorry...excuse me", I say again.  Again, no answer.  I try a bit louder: "Excuse me...I'm you have more milk?"

She does not answer, but this time, she looks in my direction and continues doing whatever it is she is doing back there.  One more time..."Uh..excuse me?  You're out of non-fat and half-and-half....", again, NOTHING!  Finally, I look her staight in the eye, and say, "Can you hear me?" I swear to God for a moment there, I thought maybe she was deaf!

She finally answers snidley, "Yeah, I can hear you fine, I'm just busy!", and proceeds to WALK AWAY.

I left my coffee on the counter and walked out the door.



  1. the store owner needs some feedback on her . i hope she wasn't the owner !

  2. Guess you are from the city if you don't know that the owner is a man named Simon......not a woman cleaning counters.

  3. Hey, Pretend Deaf is nothing new in the Hamptons -
    especially in the Summer!
    Try getting a drink from a Pretend Deaf Bartender at a busy bar
    Try getting CHANGE BACK from a Pretend Deaf Waiter for a check you've paid for in cash at a crowded trendy restaurant
    Try getting a parking spot from a Pretend Deaf driver who is sitting in his car reading his mail and talking on his cell, while other people are driving around him in circles over & over again just to get their fair shot at the space
    AND Try getting a Pretend Deaf dog walker on the beach to clean up her dog's poop while your children play in the sand in the same spot as the defecation!!!!

  4. Janet- you don't have to be from the city to not know the owner of every freakin restaurant in the hamptons???

  5. Maybe your experience with the the lady was negative but I found the staff to be relatively decent there. There are two problem w/ BB. First there is no order with respect to a line or the coffee service section. That furthers the second problem which is the BB is the epicenter for rude people. I won't go in there from May to September..sorry Simon, but the problem persists and I am voting with my dollars.

    IMHO these are the best and worst customer service places in WHB (in no order)


    Beach Bakery
    City Hall for beach passes (really, this is the BEST system?)

    Island Surf (by FAR)
    german deli (and a lot of people go there)
    Open Book
    Haagn Daz

    For those not mentioned it is either because you are good or I don't patronize you (like Shock...not my size nor gender)

  6. You know, I think it's time someone (The Rude Hamptons?) publishes a guide on the "Worst of The Worst" establishments in The Hamptons. This would be an answer to a certain publications "Best Of The Best" awards, which we all know are advertiser-driven and only the advertisers are voted "winners" in the "best of" categories.
    My personal top 3 "Worst of the Worst":
    Breadzilla in Wainscott. If the owner puts up one more sign about what they "Don't" do, I'm going to lose it. There are dozens of passive-aggressive messages posted all over the store. And try getting a friendly face at the counter. The owner is constantly in the background scowling at customers standing at the register.
    Scoop du Jour in East Hampton: Clueless and preoccupied teens at the register in Summer, Clueless and English-challenged workers at the register in Winter. Stale ice cream and chintzy scoops.
    China Town Restaurant – East Hampton. Eat food from here at your own peril. I’d rather not go into details, except to say that I was violently sick for 2 days after my last take-out from there. Never again.

  7. You *do* have to be from the city not to know Simon. Anyone who is from WHB or the larger Westhampton area knows Simon (also, his name is on some of the signs).

  8. Grassy Knoll got it right...exactly right.

    I'd like to add:
    to the "good group"
    Ace hardware...very helpful and never make me feel like the idiot I am
    Whitney's...Frank's the best
    Laughlin's or "Irish Deli". and efficient
    Fruit King...ladies are great there (aka olish's)

    it can be mayhem but I am always well treated at Baby Moon but I usually go off season.
    Phillips Realty...when I was b/w houses I had a realtor who really listened and din't work the "upsell". She got a very nice commission when I bought again.
    Primary Care...been once, worked out well. others will differ
    Firehouse Pizza (shhhh it's a secret that it's the best pizza short of Michaelangelos in Eastport
    The Cor J folk have always done well by me as have the Brothers Dean


    Bike and Kite. Just fix the flat, I don't need a lecture on lubes