Monday, June 29, 2009

A story of raspberries and adult accountability

Run into Country Gardens Farmstand to buy some last minute things for dinner.

A lady is pondering over strawberries while her four year old son eats almost a whole carton of raspberries. She doesn't say anything to her son to make him stop eating them.

She buys only the strawberries, leaving the carton of raspberries behind, on the shelf, half eaten.

- Hannah

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is that a pledge pin on your spiffy polo shirt?

They would have had to pay extra money to get extra walnuts and extra strawberries on their $12 salad.

They didn't want to pay the extra money-they just wanted what they wanted even though the guy insisted "it's not about the money, it's about the principle."

SO, because they couldn't get what they wanted for free (extra walnuts and extra strawberries for no extra money), they decided to "toilet paper" the bathroom walls (college style--you know--wet the stuff well and them slap it on the walls).

We're talking 2.00pm on the first sunny Saturday in June on Newtown Lane!

So I take it this is the behavioral example of a person of morals, values and strong principles?

- Dean Wormer

Monday, June 22, 2009

You got Georgica'd - the act of clearing a line by removing foul weather protection

So, I think I just witnessed the rudest thing yet in the Hamptons (this season):

Essentially, at Georgica in Wainscott this Saturday, Matt Levine (of The Eldridge fame) decided that the best way to handle the crowd out front was to remove the awning at the door and get everyone soaking wet in the rain. People were SO mad...

Gotta love the Hamptons!

-Nick Leighton, Producer

Plum TV

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Friend Makes The New York Times

While we normally just track rudeness in the Hamptons, a friend in our quest has been Guest Of A Guest. How nice it was to see Rachelle Hruska and her GOG team make the NY Times Sunday edition.


The Editor

Friday, June 19, 2009

WTF you can last a whole month?

Just this past weekend, I happened to be with three friends walking in town, remarking how even bad weather draws out the tourists these days to our dislike. We separated momentarily, I wanted to see if a local store had a gift for one of my friends I was with, and I alone was witness to a remarkable conversation between two young tourists.

Tourist #1: I just adore coming out to the Hamptons.

Tourist #2: I know, I'm enjoying it so much, that I think I might be able to last here for an entire month!

Tourist #1: No! Really?


Try lasting here for your entire life. One month...really...?


Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing Billy Joel gets you a noise violation in Southampton

My friends and I were driving down Dune road in my Jeep Wrangler playing Billy Joel on our way to go camping at Shinnecock. We got stuck in traffic because some rich people were having a party and clogged up the road with their Bentleys.

Some snotty city girls walking down the street gave us dirty looks and said, "what is that music?"

Please don't come to Long Island if you dont know who Billy Joel is! Thank you!

In addition to that the Southampton police gave us a ticket for noise, Billy Joel noise, at 12 in the afternoon and he was a local!?

ughh hate these city people!

- C