Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing Billy Joel gets you a noise violation in Southampton

My friends and I were driving down Dune road in my Jeep Wrangler playing Billy Joel on our way to go camping at Shinnecock. We got stuck in traffic because some rich people were having a party and clogged up the road with their Bentleys.

Some snotty city girls walking down the street gave us dirty looks and said, "what is that music?"

Please don't come to Long Island if you dont know who Billy Joel is! Thank you!

In addition to that the Southampton police gave us a ticket for noise, Billy Joel noise, at 12 in the afternoon and he was a local!?

ughh hate these city people!

- C


  1. [...] After checking in with one our hysterically entertaining blogs, looks like The Rude Hamptons had made us laugh yet again after getting a ticket for playing, none other than Billy Joel, too loud in his car [The Rude Hamptons] [...]

  2. Hate the local who gave you the noise violation. Maybe it was too loud.

  3. I am a local hamptonite and I applaud the officer for giving you a ticket! Not every local is a billy Joel fan!!!!

  4. The cops might not of been a local even. They seems to be importing a bunch of young guys from Nassau and the city. I've had a cop ask ME for directions one time. The irony in this story is hilarious though.

  5. Hear! Hear!

    I'm not a fan of Billy Joel nor of someone else's loud music.

  6. Gotta agree with everyone else here - ANY music too loud is just plain obnoxious. Whatever happened to enjoying the sounds of the birds, surf, children laughing, etc.? My neighborhood is filled with no less then 5 different types of music blasting at any one time, then add in morons (local or not) driving by with their music blasting and it's enough to send someone to the funny farm.

  7. Camping?
    Billy Joel?

    what are you a 40 year old cub scout?

  8. Noise violation at 12 in the afternoon??? I have never heard of that anywhere!

  9. you had to be a big shot ,"dint cha"

  10. Wait a sec. I thought California was loony-tunes. You get a ticket for car music at noon in the Hamptons? And yer playing Joel? Fan or not, its not like you were playing Death Metal at Mach 10, right? I'd do a comparison and try a Mozart at 9, Joel at 8, Aerosmith at 7, Sade at 6 - mix it up - and see how it works out. Chances are if they're a cop with a gun on their hip, they'll never cite you for country music - try that at 10 and measure your test by driving no more than 15MPH on the same path and counting the seconds or distance from the same crosswalk/intersection - and always ask the cop (with a smile) what music you could have been playing at that volume that they actually like. Five bucks says its got a gee-tar and banjo in it.

    As for living in the Hamptons, and not being a Joel fan, I hear they can cure your disease at birth now, but take enough meds and you'll be fine. My guess is you may have the same IQ as the folks who play country all day and voted for Bush - my 2 cents on that one.

    Oh, and I'm a Yankee fan - don't ban my post for that lil flaw, k? Wouldn't want to make yer spritzer go flat.