Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is that a pledge pin on your spiffy polo shirt?

They would have had to pay extra money to get extra walnuts and extra strawberries on their $12 salad.

They didn't want to pay the extra money-they just wanted what they wanted even though the guy insisted "it's not about the money, it's about the principle."

SO, because they couldn't get what they wanted for free (extra walnuts and extra strawberries for no extra money), they decided to "toilet paper" the bathroom walls (college style--you know--wet the stuff well and them slap it on the walls).

We're talking 2.00pm on the first sunny Saturday in June on Newtown Lane!

So I take it this is the behavioral example of a person of morals, values and strong principles?

- Dean Wormer


  1. [...] Hamptons people are supposedly resorting to childlike behaviors when not getting their way. After a minor salad squabble in East Hampton, several people thought it would be okay to toilet paper the bathroom Halloween night style. True story [Rude Hamptons] [...]

  2. I was there for that! It was so ridiculous. They were only going to charge them 2 extra dollars!!!