Friday, August 28, 2009

You're not at Starbucks

I was getting my hair styled this morning at Special Effects, when a lady came in to have her hair blow-dried. She asked how much it would cost and was told $40.

To that she started to complain at the expense, which was greeted with you can always go someplace else.

She decided that she wanted her blowdry and proceeded to sit down in one of wash station chairs.

At this point nobody was ready to wash her hair and another stylist needed the station for her client. She asked her to move nicely and the lady said, "You've got to be kidding, I'm not moving and while you're at it get me a cup of coffee."

Are you kidding me?

- Paul Mitchell

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Three card check monte at the Copa Wine Bar

Curbed Hamptons must be attracting some rude stories, check out this great example of customer service at the Copa Wine Bar.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bonac duo to the rescue at the Getty Station

The Hampton Jitney story had me thinking, and reminded me of an event that occurred the weekend after Memorial Day.  An event that was so unpleasant I didn't even want to bother typing it out.

My husband and I went to the Georgica Getty Station to get fuel, and since our truck is a diesel we situated ourselves on the outside pump closer to the road.  A citiot was parked on the inside with a black car that had Manhattan plate frames, and since it was a busy day he obviously got boxed in.  Blocking his way was a small girl with her little car, and she backed in in front of him and an attendant started pumping her gas.

When she backed in, the Citiot was getting ready to leave.. so when he realized he was boxed in he came walking right up to her car and started yelling.

"HOW STUPID ARE YOU? I WANT TO GO AND I WANT TO GO NOW! LET ME OUT NOW, YOU STUPID etc etc" The douche yelled into her window and cursing ensued while the poor girl sat inside her car with her hands over her face. My husband was inside paying for our fuel at the time, but since I saw it I was obligated to climb halfway out of my window and let the fellow know "That girl is a LADY!  And if you continue to speak to her that way I will shove that gas nozzle so far up your (ass) you will be tasting gasoline your entire way home to Manhattan!"

Of course I got the usual "You redneck white trash!  This is none of your business!"  so I replied "It's ALWAYS EVERYONES business when you are verbally attacking a lady who is only half your age if that.  Act an adult, get in your car, and never show your face here again!"

At that point my husband came out and joined me, and heard my words, looked at the girl, looked at the man, and started walking towards him.  He RAN for his car and locked it up, and the guy behind him actually backed up out of his way
so he could back up and get out of there.

Moral of the story: If you see someone doing someone else wrong, and you know it in your gut.. do NOT hesitate to step in, ever.  Yeah, they'll curse you out and/or tell you to mind your own business... but too many locals are too passive to stand up for themselves when a tourist/second homeowner/anyone else chooses to bully them. It should never be that way.  It feels scary at first, but the satisfaction that comes afterwards is well worth it, especially when you see the gratitude on the victims face.

Stand up, never let these summer people bully you or anyone else. We locals are not submissive servants, we are all humans. Bonackers built this town and we got nothing in return but pain and aggravation. One person deserves just as much respect and backup as the next, no matter how rich or poor.

- Liz

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Prick's Guide To Seating On The Jitney

So it was a quiet night on the Jitney back to Manhattan on Tuesday night.

In East Hampton a pretty (and clearly pregnant) lady in a flowing white dress gets on the Jitney.  She settles in, puts her bags up top, and relaxes.  Right before we got to Southampton she went to the rest room leaving her water bottle on her seat.  Mind you her luggage was above her seat in the overhead bin.

This was her seat.

This "typical" couple gets on the bus and since we are in Southampton not a lot of double seats are available.  Normally 2 people would split up as it's understood they are on a crowded bus and they are getting on at the last stop OR they would ask someone if they are willing to move so they can sit together.  It's not common or acceptable to just take someone's seat and toss their water bottle on the floor.  This is what happened.

The guy was oozing with "prick" attitude.  "Who's sitting here.  Is someone sitting here?"  The lady behind said "Yes, someone is sitting there".  "Well where are they?".  "In the bathroom".  He replies with, "Well maybe they should not have left, I can't tell anyone was sitting here."

So the couple sits down, puts the water bottle on the floor and the pregnant lady comes back to her seat and calmly says that she was sitting there.

He put on his tough guy prick voice and said, "Hey, are you flying solo".

She was like, "That's my seat, you can't just take it; that's rude."

He replied with, well you're a single and I'm part of a couple and we want to sit together so if you wouldn't mind moving (as if he gave her a choice).

She was visibly upset and then the blond bitchy other half of the couple responds with, "You are over-reacting.  This is not rude.  We are trying to sit together so you can just sit somewhere else."  It was so dismissive and condescending.

It was literally the lamest thing I've ever seen in my many years of coming to the Hamptons in the summers.  People around were shocked about the bastardized and entitled behavior of the couple.  They stole a seat from a pregnant lady and then made her feel like she was weird for wanting it back.

And FYI, she wasn't technically flying solo.  She is carrying a baby..........So it's 2 on 2 - not 2 on 1.  And props to the pregnant lady because she was so cool and refined about the whole situation.  She asked for her water to be picked up off the floor and she took another seat and made no big deal about it.  That's class and that doesn't happen often.

Fyi to the couple - what you did was rude.  Clearly you checked your conscience with your fake LV luggage under the bus.

I was lucky enough to pick a tweet up from our friends at Guest of a Guest and Doug was kind enough to send me the full story - The Editor

FYI to the couple on the Jitney who took a pregant woman's seat while she was in the bathroom and then told her to go elsewhere...thats F'ed

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stupid Pedestrian Trick in East Hampton

Today I was driving Southeast on Newtown.

Traffic was moving, there was a green light and no one in the crosswalk.  As I got to the entrance to the parking lot behind Village Hardware, a woman walks straight out in front of me, and then proceeds to scream at me to slow down because she's crossing the street!!!

I yelled right back that there's a "novel invention called the crosswalk" and she should be in it.

She's glaring at me and tells me that I have to stop for pedestrians - to which I answered "not if you're not in the crosswalk".


What IS wrong with these people????

- Gail

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Asshat SUV driving technique spotted in Wainscott

A new and very dangerous driving technique employed by a massive SUV at the stoplight in Wainscott :

SUV is fourth in line at light.

Light turns green.

SUV pulls out of line into left turn lane and floors it and goes straight and becomes first in line of traffic.

Best part of this -  SUV ends up behind huge slow moving truck.

Priceless !


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tomatoes, chicken salad, flowers, and cookies might be priceless

What is really rude in the Hamptons is the audacity of the prices charged at Round Swamp Farm in East Hampton.

For $ 66.08, I bought 3 tomatoes, 3 small containers of chicken salad, a bouquet of local flowers, and 5 cookies.

Never again !!!!!

- P

It's widely accepted that Round Swamp isn't the cheapest place to shop, but much of the product is local - The Editor

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good Thing She Doesn't Want Half A Puppy

Someone shared this story with me in the village today:

I'm in the pizza parlor and I watch an older lady with kid walk upto the counter and orders half a slice of pizza. She only has $1.97 on her and wants only half a slice.

The pizza guy tells her, "sorry we don't sell half slices, you can buy a whole one."

She replied, "I only have $1.97."

Pizza guy, "well you can buy a whole slice on your credit card."

She replied, "I don't want to charge it."

This goes on four times as she keeps coming up and asking. The Pizza Guy finally breaks down.

- The Editor