Friday, August 7, 2009

A Prick's Guide To Seating On The Jitney

So it was a quiet night on the Jitney back to Manhattan on Tuesday night.

In East Hampton a pretty (and clearly pregnant) lady in a flowing white dress gets on the Jitney.  She settles in, puts her bags up top, and relaxes.  Right before we got to Southampton she went to the rest room leaving her water bottle on her seat.  Mind you her luggage was above her seat in the overhead bin.

This was her seat.

This "typical" couple gets on the bus and since we are in Southampton not a lot of double seats are available.  Normally 2 people would split up as it's understood they are on a crowded bus and they are getting on at the last stop OR they would ask someone if they are willing to move so they can sit together.  It's not common or acceptable to just take someone's seat and toss their water bottle on the floor.  This is what happened.

The guy was oozing with "prick" attitude.  "Who's sitting here.  Is someone sitting here?"  The lady behind said "Yes, someone is sitting there".  "Well where are they?".  "In the bathroom".  He replies with, "Well maybe they should not have left, I can't tell anyone was sitting here."

So the couple sits down, puts the water bottle on the floor and the pregnant lady comes back to her seat and calmly says that she was sitting there.

He put on his tough guy prick voice and said, "Hey, are you flying solo".

She was like, "That's my seat, you can't just take it; that's rude."

He replied with, well you're a single and I'm part of a couple and we want to sit together so if you wouldn't mind moving (as if he gave her a choice).

She was visibly upset and then the blond bitchy other half of the couple responds with, "You are over-reacting.  This is not rude.  We are trying to sit together so you can just sit somewhere else."  It was so dismissive and condescending.

It was literally the lamest thing I've ever seen in my many years of coming to the Hamptons in the summers.  People around were shocked about the bastardized and entitled behavior of the couple.  They stole a seat from a pregnant lady and then made her feel like she was weird for wanting it back.

And FYI, she wasn't technically flying solo.  She is carrying a baby..........So it's 2 on 2 - not 2 on 1.  And props to the pregnant lady because she was so cool and refined about the whole situation.  She asked for her water to be picked up off the floor and she took another seat and made no big deal about it.  That's class and that doesn't happen often.

Fyi to the couple - what you did was rude.  Clearly you checked your conscience with your fake LV luggage under the bus.

I was lucky enough to pick a tweet up from our friends at Guest of a Guest and Doug was kind enough to send me the full story - The Editor

FYI to the couple on the Jitney who took a pregant woman's seat while she was in the bathroom and then told her to go elsewhere...thats F'ed


  1. Similarly:

    I was on the Jitney the other night on my way back home to East Hampton. It was pretty full as we neared the final stop but not crazy (I managed to have my two seats to myself). A cute girl (maybe 16?) walks onto the bus and starts looking around.

    Her: "Excuse me sir, is someone sitting here?"
    Grumpy Rich Prick: "No"
    Her: "Oh! Great, may I?"
    GRP: "No", then raises his NYTimes so he doesn't have to look her in the face.

  2. Why didn't you pipe up and say something?? Or better yet kick his arse!

  3. The Jitney Attendant clearly should have intervened; Jitney is full of Pricks galore, especially in August. She should have gone to the Attendant as soon as this scumbag was seen sitting in her seat so these people could have been embarrased by someone "in authority" and then be forced to give this poor woman back her seat.

    3 more weeks of these assholes. Everyone's nerves are already shot.

  4. [...] How to be Rude 101: take a pregnant woman’s seat while she is using the restroom. One barbarically disgusting couple recently stole a pregnant woman’s seat on the Jitney, because they HAD to sit together [TRH] [...]

  5. What a sad story. What makes it even more horrid is the fact that not one soul on that bus ever stood up for the poor woman. Society is in a very sad state these days if someone can't intervene in a situation like that.

  6. Honestly, did you do ANYTHING about it? Did you help the poor pregnant woman in any way at all??? Or did you and the rest of the pricks on that bus just sit back and watch? Stand up for her, it's not hard! I have to do it all the time!! All you had to do was talk to the couple and/or the driver and it would of been resolved, rather than gossip about it here. Why can't some people ever stand up for someone else unless they''re dying? It's called Humanity. Learn it.

  7. Seriously people watched this happen to a pregnant woman and sat there? Seriously that is just as messed up as the couple taking the seat.

  8. Where was the jitney driver through all of this?? I would've piped up in the pregnant woman's defense and not only that enlisted the bus drivers help to enforce the seating arrangement. Who takes a pregnant woman's seat in such a vulgar manner?! That couple should have been made to sit apart as punishment. Makes me irritated that they managed to get away with it-I mean I cannot blame the pregnant woman for not making a bit deal out of it, but REALLY. How disrespectful and crude of them!!

  9. This reminds me of something I witnessed on the Jitney years ago and have been sorry about ever since that I did not stick up for the victim. In the early days of cell phones, before it was common knowledge that it is tabu to talk on your cell phone on the J, an obnoxious younger man was loudly talking so everyone could hear his life's story. An elderly lady next to him asked him to lower his volume. After several painful minutes of listening to this guy, she went to the busdriver and asked him to tell the guy to get off the phone. The driver stood up and asked him to hang up and the guy says, "i,m not going to hang up just because some old lady is bothered". I bit my tongue and have lived to regret not sticking up for her.

  10. [...] This reminds me of something I witnessed on the Jitney years ago and have been sorry about ever since that I did not stick up for the victim. [...]

  11. That couple should have been thrown off the bus- in the middle of the highway...

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