Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bonac duo to the rescue at the Getty Station

The Hampton Jitney story had me thinking, and reminded me of an event that occurred the weekend after Memorial Day.  An event that was so unpleasant I didn't even want to bother typing it out.

My husband and I went to the Georgica Getty Station to get fuel, and since our truck is a diesel we situated ourselves on the outside pump closer to the road.  A citiot was parked on the inside with a black car that had Manhattan plate frames, and since it was a busy day he obviously got boxed in.  Blocking his way was a small girl with her little car, and she backed in in front of him and an attendant started pumping her gas.

When she backed in, the Citiot was getting ready to leave.. so when he realized he was boxed in he came walking right up to her car and started yelling.

"HOW STUPID ARE YOU? I WANT TO GO AND I WANT TO GO NOW! LET ME OUT NOW, YOU STUPID etc etc" The douche yelled into her window and cursing ensued while the poor girl sat inside her car with her hands over her face. My husband was inside paying for our fuel at the time, but since I saw it I was obligated to climb halfway out of my window and let the fellow know "That girl is a LADY!  And if you continue to speak to her that way I will shove that gas nozzle so far up your (ass) you will be tasting gasoline your entire way home to Manhattan!"

Of course I got the usual "You redneck white trash!  This is none of your business!"  so I replied "It's ALWAYS EVERYONES business when you are verbally attacking a lady who is only half your age if that.  Act an adult, get in your car, and never show your face here again!"

At that point my husband came out and joined me, and heard my words, looked at the girl, looked at the man, and started walking towards him.  He RAN for his car and locked it up, and the guy behind him actually backed up out of his way
so he could back up and get out of there.

Moral of the story: If you see someone doing someone else wrong, and you know it in your gut.. do NOT hesitate to step in, ever.  Yeah, they'll curse you out and/or tell you to mind your own business... but too many locals are too passive to stand up for themselves when a tourist/second homeowner/anyone else chooses to bully them. It should never be that way.  It feels scary at first, but the satisfaction that comes afterwards is well worth it, especially when you see the gratitude on the victims face.

Stand up, never let these summer people bully you or anyone else. We locals are not submissive servants, we are all humans. Bonackers built this town and we got nothing in return but pain and aggravation. One person deserves just as much respect and backup as the next, no matter how rich or poor.

- Liz


  1. Yes, yes Bub!! Go get 'em, low- life, probably has a small penis too!

  2. ABSOLUTELY. Bonacs must rise up and put these douches in their place. In almost every instance when I've stood my ground with these assholes and got right back in their faces, they backed off. They have to be stripped of their sense of entitlement, preferably in front of other people, otherwise the abuse of locals will just happen again and again - at the next gas station......the next supermarket.....the next farm stand......the next beach parking lot. It's very hard for Locals who work in the service industry and cater to these douches when we have to serve them food, drinks, pump their gas etc. and depend on tips. But I have learned that it's better to stand your ground and demand respect and consideration from these assholes, even if it means zero tips. At least you get to go home with a smattering of self-respect and pride, especially if you stood up like the Bonac Duo did and helped a girl who was being verbally abused at Getty! Good Job, Bub. 17 more days of these assholes and we get our little towns back.

  3. These citidiots are all cowards. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk. A lot of locals would love nothing but letting these people take a swing first and then watch out. A few years back a city guy threw a cup of coffee in a traffic cops face because she was writing a parking ticket on his car. If I was there and saw that I would have kicked his face in, even if it meant doing some time. So Citidiots, Beware of the Locals. We're just edging for you to try something.

  4. good for u to stand up .. i am a visitor but really the behavior is unbelievable..especially when i pull over for an ambulance and some luxury car drives past ..i can't believe it ..not to pull over for an ambulance god..they should be so excuse me, no courtesy in waldbaum's just stand middle of the aisle like they are the only ones on the planet. such rudeness..