Saturday, August 19, 2006

Main Beach Plots For Sale

Editor’s note: This story blows my mind.

My husband and I went to Main Beach in East Hampton last week. My husband parked the car and I walked down to the ocean to setup my chair. I sat down and along comes a young woman with young children and a nanny who asked me, “How long are you staying at the beach?”


“A few hours I think.”

The young woman responds, “Well then would you mind moving because this is the place where my children like to play and I like to sit.”

I was so stunned by this request, I actually moved.

As soon as I did I realized not to mention this to my husband because he would have been furious at this family.

How can anyone feel so entitled to actually feel they own a spot on the beach?

This wasn’t any special location on the beach and the beach was not crowded.

Signed –

Looking for the real estate agent to buy a spot for myself

Why People Shouldn't Drive and Talk on Their Cellphone

I was leaving Walbaums after buying a few groceries and this woman was in front of me pushing her cart with one hand and chatting away on her cell phone, oblivious to the fact that anyone was behind her. Because her cart was quite full she was having difficultly navigating the exit while on the cell phone and only using one hand to steer the cart. I finally tapped her on the shoulder and said "this is why they don't let people drive while they are on their cell." She gave me an annoyed look but at least let me pass!

Submitted by Anonymous

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Incensed Lady and Sleeping Mask Guy

Riding the Ambassador class Jitney this morning I got to experience something I haven’t seen yet. I boarded at 6:30am in East Hampton to an empty bus and boarded with about six other passengers.

We stopped in Watermill and apparently the stewardess asked a lady boarding if she had a reservation.

This is necessary because this is a reservation only bus.

This lady became incensed that she asked for her name and checked it on the manifest and called it in. Why? Because I gathered later on that she called in the reservation that morning and the passenger manifest is printed out the night before. If they accidentally bumped someone there would be a really big problem.

The incensed lady sat in a window seat next to a gentleman who proceeded to pull out a sleep mask so he could sleep on the way into Manhattan.

Now the fun begins, the lady asks the stewardess for a receipt, which she provided, then she demanded that the stewardess write her name on the back so she could lodge a formal complaint. The stewardess already has apologized multiple times regarding the misunderstanding explaining that it’s her job to ask. I give extra kudos to the stewardess for not giving up her name.

Not good enough, the incensed lady continues to raise her voice and wakes sleeping mask guy next to her. Sleeping mask guy has a buddy sitting across the isle who he lifts the mask to and smiles. At this point the incensed lady apologizes for waking him. Why screaming was necessary, who knows?

What I did forget to add was the entire time the incensed lady was so upset she was talking to herself.

Once we arrive in Manhattan sleeping mask guy and his buddy start chatting about the reason they pay $5 extra for the Ambassador is to avoid episodes like we all experienced.


The Editor

Friday, August 11, 2006

A night at the movies

My fiancé and I went to the movies last night in East Hampton and we had three rude encounters.

1)      Standing in line – We purchased our tickets online and while waiting to pick them up the man behind me kept chest butting me. One push knocked jutted us forward almost into the next person. Then when I finally got my tickets, this VIP decided to push me to the side to get to the counter.

2)      Getting some soda, popcorn, and nachos – My fiancĂ© went into the theater to get our seats, I waited in line behind a lady who then proceed to have 7 other youngsters draft on her order. Which is fine, but one girl waiting behind me in line, she was about 8, I encouraged her to join her friends but she didn’t want to cut. I insisted. What happened next? A woman, then proceeded to ask if she could cut the line. Nice.

3)      Pop-corn thief – We started watching the movie, at one point I put the bag of popcorn down on the seat next to me. Later on I reached for the bag of popcorn and it was gone. I looked back and the man behind us was eat our popcorn. Not wanting to make a scene I held my tongue. It was just like the Seinfeld episode with the guy stealing the raisins.


Bruised, hassled, and hungry

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Please scare the driver so everyone dies

On the Jitney to East Hampton yesterday, a lady thought it would be a great idea to walk up to the front of the bus while the driver is trying to cross traffic on 27 and ask if she could sit in the front row.

She scared the driver almost half dead.

You might think this wasn’t too bad, but she crouched down right behind her, the driver didn’t see her coming in the rear view mirror. Then she asked her question.


The Weekly Commuter