Saturday, August 19, 2006

Main Beach Plots For Sale

Editor’s note: This story blows my mind.

My husband and I went to Main Beach in East Hampton last week. My husband parked the car and I walked down to the ocean to setup my chair. I sat down and along comes a young woman with young children and a nanny who asked me, “How long are you staying at the beach?”


“A few hours I think.”

The young woman responds, “Well then would you mind moving because this is the place where my children like to play and I like to sit.”

I was so stunned by this request, I actually moved.

As soon as I did I realized not to mention this to my husband because he would have been furious at this family.

How can anyone feel so entitled to actually feel they own a spot on the beach?

This wasn’t any special location on the beach and the beach was not crowded.

Signed –

Looking for the real estate agent to buy a spot for myself

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  1. I can't believe you gve up your spot. I would have stayed longer just to annoy her.