Monday, August 14, 2006

The Incensed Lady and Sleeping Mask Guy

Riding the Ambassador class Jitney this morning I got to experience something I haven’t seen yet. I boarded at 6:30am in East Hampton to an empty bus and boarded with about six other passengers.

We stopped in Watermill and apparently the stewardess asked a lady boarding if she had a reservation.

This is necessary because this is a reservation only bus.

This lady became incensed that she asked for her name and checked it on the manifest and called it in. Why? Because I gathered later on that she called in the reservation that morning and the passenger manifest is printed out the night before. If they accidentally bumped someone there would be a really big problem.

The incensed lady sat in a window seat next to a gentleman who proceeded to pull out a sleep mask so he could sleep on the way into Manhattan.

Now the fun begins, the lady asks the stewardess for a receipt, which she provided, then she demanded that the stewardess write her name on the back so she could lodge a formal complaint. The stewardess already has apologized multiple times regarding the misunderstanding explaining that it’s her job to ask. I give extra kudos to the stewardess for not giving up her name.

Not good enough, the incensed lady continues to raise her voice and wakes sleeping mask guy next to her. Sleeping mask guy has a buddy sitting across the isle who he lifts the mask to and smiles. At this point the incensed lady apologizes for waking him. Why screaming was necessary, who knows?

What I did forget to add was the entire time the incensed lady was so upset she was talking to herself.

Once we arrive in Manhattan sleeping mask guy and his buddy start chatting about the reason they pay $5 extra for the Ambassador is to avoid episodes like we all experienced.


The Editor


  1. im confused? her name wasn't on the list?

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