Thursday, December 25, 2008

Potential Extreme Dune Rudeness to be examined

Looks like the Town of East Hampton is going after the alleged dune clearing at Ron Baron's estate.
"The East Hampton Town Board has authorized the town to “take any and all action to correct any and all violations” committed on the Further Lane property of Ron Baron, where a protected sand dune was allegedly razed so that a retaining wall could be built."

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Don't let the door hit you on your way out with your fiber smoothie, citidot!

I will say I have been living out in the Hamptons for about 25 years now.  Is it just me or every year do the citiots get stupider?

They do not know how to drive, which many people have already stated so I guess another stupid driver story is as necessary as another Louie Bag Toting Starlet wannabe infesting the area.  But I will say the best to date is the follows:

I work in Amagansett and I was going to Mary's Marvelous to grab my coffee and oatmeal as I do every morning - granted in the summer you want to chew on a bullet than wait on line behind someone trying to pick out their smoothie selections but they really do have such a great staff and great food so you smile and grit your teeth - I was walking with a co-worker behind a couple who was discussing how the locals are so rude etc. and how we think that we are better than they are... blah blah blah  WHILE they are having this intriguing discussion I guess they did not realize that they cut off a woman with her stroller trying to get up the stairs.

The man made it look like he was going to open the door for her (which is why we didn't ) His mate then walked in BEFORE the woman and the STROLLER and instead of holding the door for her - HE WALKED IN AND LET THE DOOR SLAM!!!!

We were in disbelief - grabbed the door helped her with the stroller and get in the door.  When we got in the couple was still complaining of the locals. Ahh how much longer until Columbus day??????

Thanks for letting me vent!