Friday, May 29, 2009

Park It Like It's Hot

Usually I do not like to stereotype tourists out here. I grew up out here and know that some tourists are nice and some locals are jerks. Just like all populations, there are always a few bad apples.

I'm getting really annoyed though. Yesterday I was on the wharf in Sag Harbor when I watched as 4 twentysomethings parked their car in an area that not only was not a parking spot but also was an obstacle to cars trying to leave the

Now, most people would have realized from the honking and astonished stares that SOMETHING just wasn't right here. Nope, they get out and start to walk away. I decide to say (nicely too, giving them the benefit of th doubt that they didn't realize their error) "Hey, that isn't a parking spot" which they laugh at and keep walking.

WTF? I hope their car got a ticket and a boot. Just because this is the 'country' doesn't mean you can break the law. Some people here have jobs and places to be, have some respect!

- Annoyed K

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