Monday, May 25, 2009

Royal Pains In My Butt

Don’t bother coming out to the Hamptons for Mother’s day, the beach is closed. At least it was today for the USA Networks production Royal Pains.

And what a pain it is. At the End of Ocean Rd. in Bridgehampton I was turned away from an evening walk on the beach.

“WE ARE LOCKED DOWN!” a lady yelped at me with authority as I walked to towards the sand. Apparently this lingo should mean something to me. She saw the confused look on my face,

“Oh, you are not with us”

“ah, no maam.” I replied timidly.

"Well you can't go there, THE BEACH IS CLOSED!”

Well I’ll be darned.

I didn’t think they could close the beach.

- TH


  1. [...] Uh-Oh. Royal Pains is causing Royal Pains for Bridgehampton beach goers. Closing the beach during Memorial Day weekend is never okay even if it is for filming a new Hamptons-based TV series. [The Rude Hamptons] [...]

  2. yes i agree, they do close down spots for film but should never do it durning holidays, or on the weekend for that matter, maybe film on a wensday or thursday durning the day

  3. They CANNOT close the beach. It is a public place that they have a permit to use, but they CANNOT kick you off the beach. If it happens again, call the Town Parks Supervisor Allyn Jackson.

    HBO tried to tell me the beach was closed in East Hampton last year, but they do not have the right to kick you off the sand. Just do them the courtesy of not walking in front of the camera.

  4. I do have to give that show credit though- they use the term 'citiot' almost as well as a local ;)

  5. To BonacTonic- The statement, citiots, and the sentence that the show "royal pains" used, was word for word from an article out of the New York Times that was high lighting mastic beach and shirley. A now local, was quoted in the article, and writers from the show picked it up apparently. New york times real estate section, search 'mastic beach', you'll find it there. Very funny.
    I know citiots isn't derived from mastic but out east in general. Speaking as a former citiot.