Sunday, August 15, 2010

Town Pond Father Daughter Demolition Derby

Ok. This one tops it for me.

While driving west towards town pond in East Hampton, we were passed by a luxurious Mercedes driven by a young chickie.  She passed my son after the merge, and cut him off.

Moments later, she plowed into the back of another Mercedes.

Of course I told my son to pull over, so we pulled in behind both vehicles. The elderly man in the first car (also a fancy smancy Mercedes) got out of his car and sat on the grass. I walked over to him, when he gestured at me to go away, and rudely told me that he was okay and didn't need help.

Thinking he was in shock, I asked if he was sure.  He was sure alright.

My son had approached us by this time, and didn't even have the chance to ask if everyone were okay, when the man told my 17 yr old son to f@*k off.

We retreated back to the car, and the drivers proceeded to get back in their car. The young chippie pulled an illegal u-turn, dented up front end and all, and headed back east. The man took an alternate route.

I guess it doesn't take too much to surmise that the rude man got plowed into by his own daughter, hence dismissing us and any help. I guess he would rather pay (what appeared to be probably around $30,000 between both cars) for it himself, than to go through his insurance.

Hmmmm, maybe this wasn't the first time that his wreckless, ding dong daughter (or other close relative) did something this stupid.  So much for being the good samaritan, or for teaching our youth what caring about each other is all about.  Hmmpf!


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