Sunday, August 4, 2013

Potty Training In Amagansett

The actions of some summer visitors is not new to our hamlets. 

About 15 years ago, we owned and operated a store in Amagansett, near 'One Stop Pet Shop' and early on one Sunday morning at about 11 am a large black shinning new Mercedes drives into our parking lot and parks across from our stores. The drivers side door opens and a gentleman looks out and around but didn't notice me standing in my doorway 'smoking at that time.' 

I then see him take out two large white bags, look around again, he tosses them underneath the bushes in front of his car and then proceeds into the Pet Shop. I walked up to his car, looked under the bushes and pulled out two large McDonalds bags filled with leftovers of malts, parts of hamburgers, fries and other goodies. 

I had seen that he left his drivers side window open and so I took the bags, ripped then open and shook the entire contents into and all around the inside of his new car!   

It looked like a Jackson Pollock painting!  

I went back to my doorway and waited, he comes out of the Pet Shop, points his clicker and his trunk pops open, he places his packages in the back, closes the trunk, walks around, opens his door and freezes in shock!  he looked around and spotted me standing there and asked "do you know anything about this?" I just stated that I thought it was amazing that people leave the city where it's dirty with garbage everywhere and they come out here to this heavenly place and begin to make it look like the place they wanted to get away from for the weekend. Even though he knew I did it, he never said another word, he just cleaned up what he could, got in and drove away.

- K-Man


  1. Too bad he also could not have been fined, somewhere around $2,000.00 plus 100 hours of cleaning the beach...

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