Saturday, August 10, 2013

Citizens On Poop Patrol

A few years back, a coworker and I were eating egg sandwiches at Long Beach before work. 2 guys pulled up in their new BMW and got out about to take a run. They have a dog with them which then takes a huge dump on the beach.  

The boys watch, but don't clean it up. 

I ask if they are going to take care of it and one of them tells me to mind my own business and run off. I then took the plastic bag from my sandwich and pick up the dog crap.  I smeared it all over all the door handles of the car. 

As we left, we dove by the boys I told them to have a nice day!!

- J


  1. you're worse than the guy not picking up after his dog!

    1. I agree strongly. Besides that, if a person is disabled and has a dog, they are old NOT to pick up anything. Animal Care and Control has that rule in California,as does Disneyland. Even if the guy wasn't disabled, the proper thing to do, would have been to either mind one's own business as suggested, or pick up the droppings and put them in the trash without a word. I would have done the second thing.

    2. Really. You think two guys jogging along the beach are disabled? Leaving dog crap in public places is everyone's business, so spare me the sanctimony. After being reminded to pick it up politely these two entitled jackasses deserve what they get.

  2. I do understand your concern but just putting the sandwich bag on the seat would have delivered the same message, and the same justice, without stooping to their level.

  3. I love it. Good for you. we had a neighbor here in Tn. that was always letting her dog poop in the road in front of our house. My hubby picked it up with a paper towel and tossed it into her yard. She never let her dog do it again.

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