Thursday, August 8, 2013

Contractor Shimsham Technique #1

As contractor in the Hamptons it's common for homeowners to try to hire my subs to do extra work so they don't have to pay a little extra for me to oversee the job.

The other common thing is to have work done for an agreed price they give themselves a little tip by leaving off three or four hundred on the last check for some invented infraction. Knowing your not going to take them to court for it.

- P


  1. Hard to take when it's a multimillion home. I'll bet if you tried it they would have a platoon of lawyers on you in a second.

  2. There has to be some way to hit them with a criminal charge, not just a civil charge, for that: Theft Of Services. Cab drivers do it to passengers who don't pay, restaurants do it to customers who eat and run without paying; you ought to be able to do it too.