Friday, June 1, 2007

You can't park here, bub

The fact that the Village Board has decided to extend the two hour parking limit in the Reutershan lot is completely absurd. They village clearly does not listen to the voices of the people who work in the village, as demonstrated by a recent article in the East Hampton Star.
At the very least the Village should provide transportation between the Long Term lot and the village, ideally through the use of a multi-passenger golf cart which can be equipped with a top and sides to protect riders during inclement weather and which would be able to drive through the Herrick Park, making the trip must shorter than the previously under-used bus that had serviced the long term lot during the summer months only.

Clearly this is an attempt by the village to raise money through parking tickets as there is no logical reason for enforcing this two hour limit during the off season months.

Alternatively the Village should consider enforcing the parking time limit every day only from Memorial Day to Labor Day and then on Friday, Saturday and Sundays through the rest of the year with transportation provided during the times of bad weather and earlier sunsets.
- RM

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  1. I work in the Village and walk from long term parking to my office which is a 10 minute walk. If everyone who worked in the Village parked in the Reutershan parking lot, there would be no parking for shoppers. (Not to say that locals could even afford to shop in the Village)! Nonetheless, the long term parking lot was created with Village employees in mind. And, might I remind you, the parking problem doesn't go away on Labor Day but extends long into the fall and as far as Christmas. What should be addressed at the moment is the inability to find a parking space at CVS. The post office has a huge parking lot -- for employees only! Patrons of the post office park in the CVS lot, thereby leaving very little parking for patrons of CVS. If you ask me, and a lot of others, the parking situation in the Village of East Hampton is useless, inadequate & hopeless.