Thursday, June 28, 2007

Witches are back in Sag Harbor?

My husband, son, and I were working in a Sag Harbor store refinishing the floors.

I just finished vacuuming and was bringing the vacuum out to the van. As I was doing this two couples walked by and one of the women said, "Look at this modern day witch."

I promptly said to the husband, "you'd better watch your wife, or she'll get knocked on her ass."

I walked back inside and told my son what the lady said. My son asked, "where are they now?"

My son walked into 7-11 and said to the woman, "you know that was my mother you were talking to. You know that was really rude and uncalled for."
At this point I walked up to her and asked her, "Do you have anything to say now since I don't have a vacuum in my hand?"

She replied, "No, no."

- Hotline caller

Please note I had to transcribe this and I accidentally deleted if after hearing it a few times. Still learning this voice mail system. Caller if I missed something please call me back or post a comment. Thanks! The Editor

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