Friday, July 9, 2010

Where the wild things are in East Hampton

My husband, daughter and I had just finished seeing a movie in East Hampton over July 4th weekend.  We crossed the street and were trying to head back to the parking lot through the pass-through by Starbucks.

Two couples with a gaggle of children all named Aidan, Brayden, and Jayden were standing around chit-chatting while the kids ran around like maniacs pushing and hitting each other.  There were about a dozen other people trying to get through the pass through (as the movie just let out) and they just kept on talking, not moving, letting their kids run wild.

As I'm trying to dodge the flying child fists (and avoid them hitting my 3 year old), I finally said, "EXCUSE ME, PLEASE!" and they just looked shocked, and still didn't move.

All of us had to snake our way dodging and weaving through this rude brood.

So annoying!

- A

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  1. Sorry but welcome to East Hampton in the summer.