Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back that A$$ Up and Get Your Gas

As usual, Hess is busy so I navigate towards an end pump and pull up behind someone. There is a person in front of me and next to me is a man filling up his red container with gas.

I figure, whoever gets done first, I'll either pull forward or back up.

The man next to me is done filling up his container so I begin to back up only to realize that there is quite a traffic jam so I keep my car in reverse and stay put. A man pulls up next to me and is eyeing my pump. I still don't back up because he's relatively close to my car and I don't want to hit anything.

The next thing I know, the man is backing up to my bumper. There's no way he could even be able to get gas, it was obviously my spot, he had no room.

So, now there are three cars lined up at two pumps.

We then begin a battle of yelling at each other through our rear view mirrors. "I'M USING IT! I WAS HERE FIRST!" but does he move, no. He just throws his hand out the window and waving it all around. I eventually got out of the car to start filling up and he decided it was time to find another spot.

Because I look young, people try to push me around. It's always "me first" around here. I certainly don't want to get in an accident at a gas station and blow anything up but I also waited my time and looked around.

- EG

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  1. Yes, this only happens in the Hamptons. No jostling for pumps in other parts of the world. Snore once again.

  2. My guess is that it's more annoying in the Hamptons. I'm sure stuff like this happens everywhere.

  3. i've said it before, Boring, and I'll say it again:

    the name of the website isn't "People are ONLY Rude in the Hamptons." It's RudeHamptons.

  4. HB, that doesn't make the site anymore interesting, as I had had hoped it would be at some point.

  5. hey boring, i see you keep coming back though. rude hamptons, i like the site. keep up the good work. AH

  6. Take a chill pill.July 15, 2008 at 12:06 PM

    It must be the RudeHamptons with rude locals posting such nice stuff. You don't have to be in a constant bad mood because it's summer.

  7. a little off topic but related, i read in the press that the state is going to pass a law banning gas prices from being marked up for no reason out east-southampton to montauk. Seriously its about 40 cents higher in southampton(4.18) than riverhead(3.69).

  8. Hey take a chill pill, obviously you are not a local so why don't you get the he11 off this site. And don't say anything about rude locals, we are the ones that maintain this town so all you yuppie, rich city people can come here and annoy us all summer.