Monday, June 2, 2008

Bag of Weed and a Shiv - An Expecting Couple's Weekend Essentials

I've been waiting for my chance to submit something to you...I see things all the time, but there are so many - and, really, so many so trifling - that I've developed a "Teflon" attitude towards ill-bred behavior. But the scenario I'm about to describe took the cake!

I was visiting my relatives in Remsenberg and had to drive into Westhampton Beach to go to Waldbaum's. (Does that qualify as the Hamptons? It did by name only when I was growning up...While Remsenberg, on the other hand, was much more like old-time Southampton.)

As I was waiting outside over Memorial Day weekend, an Escalade SUV came into Waldbaum's and carefully parked diagonally in 2 spots, the drivers describing his, what he considered valid, reason for doing - so as not to get a scratch on his car.

Shortly thereafter a 90+ yr. old man drove into the lot and because there was no other place to park and because he could squeeze his car in beside the SUV, parked there. While the elderly gentleman was in the Waldbaum's, the Escalade owners (renters? of SUV and "summer share?") came out and "what the F***! Can you believe someone F*ing parked right here?? Slash his F*ing tires!!"

The driver actually slashed the older man's tire, and left. Luckily, there was an off duty cop there, watching everything, and called a dispatcher. The police helped the man change his tire and the police caught the tire slashers.

As it turned out, the "people" in the Escalade had a bag of pot in their possession and one of them kicked it under the police car when they were caught. A witness saw the person do it, and so they were arrested for possession and for tire slashing.

But wait, as if all that's not bad enough, there's more likely to be on the way.

The woman in the Escalade was pregnant!!

God help us all. Summer is definitely here!

- PL

The Editor - I wasn't able to verify the story in the local paper - if anyone has a link to the article leave a comment. For more information on shivs - click here


  1. That kind of thing wouldn't have happened in Westhampton years ago. I was actually out there Monday night for the first time in years and was HORRIFIED by the people/behavior. It was a Monday night! In June!

    Westhampton has been overrun by idiots.

  2. Can you still get EZ-Wider 1.5s at Waldbaum's?

  3. I have lived here all my life (yes ,Westhampton Beach is the hamptons btw)and had to deal with them on a work basis, now retired & handicapped. the "so called people " that come out here have been a pain as far back as i can recall,but i have noticed this year they are completly out of control . they park in handicap spaces(with no permits) if you say anything to them they say oh i left it home.& are rude.stop still in middle of road..park behind you on main street when you are trying to leave,& won't move till you beep or yell. the list goes on & on..I HATE going downtown till winter comes. we can't enjoy our lives whilethe idiots are here!

  4. to anon. I completely agree! my wife an i used to go to the hamptons when we were younger during the early 90's. we lived in brooklyn and would go out and visit family in the summers. as the years went on, you could see it getting more crowed and a lot ruder during the summer months. the towns were beautiful, but i couldn't handle the "citidiots". (to the locals, i was one, but i'm not a rude one) when we decided to buy a summer home, A: we couldn't afford to buy by the water in the hamptons. and B: we wanted to use it in the summers mostly. and summers are the hardest to deal with in the hamptons. we finally decided to buy in mastic beach. i know mastic gets a bad wrap, but its not that bad at all. i live next to the bay, i walk my dog along the shore line, we have a very beautiful uncrowded beach, we can drive our car out onto the beach, and the best part of all- none of the rude summer crowds to deal with. (i don't think they would be caught dead out here anyways) we paid a third of what it would of cost us to purchase a home in the hamptons and it takes an hour less to get here. i love it. all i can say is keep your chin up anon., summers almost over and the you can get your town back. enjoy the rest of your summer, i definitely will.

  5. OMG i'm from remsenburg (it is the hamptons! Southampton baby!) but omg all these stories so upsettting ... making me alil less proud Hamptons...I worked on Sushi One in Westhampton Beach and i've got enough rude stories to fill website

  6. Please stop mentioning Remsenburg! Although there are rude, crude, self-absorbed summer people here, most people have never heard of this hamlet and do not know where it is. Let's keep it that way! Shhhh!

  7. Hmm my BS sensor just went off. I am NOT buying this one. There is a level of detail that supports the arrogance of the story but lacks a little common sense.

    1. How could the writer know the tire was changed AND the guy was caught?

    2. Police don't change tires...

    3. No mention in any paper of the beach Blog.

    Not buying it at all!!!!!