Thursday, September 3, 2009

Directions to Sagg Main Beach

Bonackers 'givin it back!!!! On Sunday, I witnessed the following exchange on Bridge Lane in Sagaponack:

3 Douchebags in a flashy convertible stop near an old Bonacker and his wife who were crabbing on Sagg Bridge - one of them shouts, "hey, tell us the way to Sagg Main Beach" (by the way, without a "please" or a "Sir, can you help us out").

Old Bonacker gives them a long drawn-out look and then a snort, and says "OK, first you TURN AROUND AND THEN YOU GO THE HELL BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM - that's the way to Sagg Main Beach."

The look on their faces: Priceless.

Made the end of my Summer!

- Sis 'Boom Bonacker

1 comment:

  1. I like using " Just turn around and drive 100 miles West", always takes them a second to get it, faces always priceless.