Saturday, July 12, 2008

Frick and Frack Haze The Starbucks Barista

Every summer my husband and I (and now daughter) take a day trip from our home in Center Moriches to the east end for some beach time, photo opportunities and delicious lobster roll sammies. Last year was no different and part of our trip included an a.m. jolt of caffeine from the Southampton Starbucks. My DH and daughter stayed in the car while I went in and got our drinks. I ordered and went to the counter to receive them when I noticed these 2 men berating the barista while their drinks were being made.

"Is that SOY milk?"

"Did you make that EXTRA HOT?"

Yelling and eye-rolling abounds! I felt so bad for the guy. When they finally got their drinks (and not a thank you to be heard) they stopped at the self serve area. I received my beverages, said my thank you and we shared a momentary I KNOW!! moment about frick and frack.

I wound up leaving the same time as them (and do you THINK they held the door??? Um, NO.) and they saw me getting into our vehicle.

One says to the other. "Look, a Jeep Commander" (they were getting into another Jeep) and the other one goes "Ew, it's an 06!"

Oh, well excuuuuuse us. I'm not sure if they were rude locals or rude tourists but it was just an obnoxious experience to be a witness to.

- LP


  1. I would've thrown my drinks at them and said, "That's soy milk - extra hot." But I'm a big guy without kids, so I can get away with that type of behavior.

  2. The Hamptons Are OverJuly 22, 2008 at 6:42 AM

    How typical. Unfortunately this is the brand of conduct I've become quite accustomed to. Whenever I am witnessing any kind of nasty, verbally abusive behavior, I find that the best solution is to do one of two things (or both):
    1) Induce laughter out loud, so that it can be heard by everyone: the person(s) acting out, the victim, and all witnesses. Let me make this clear- The laughter is a tool. Trying to find the humor in truly outrageous is very important because the laughter will keep you from getting upset or angry, which could conceivably prompt you to get involved. You do not want to get involved beyond laughing at them. They do not need to know what you are laughing at.

    2) Try to have compassion for people like this. They are obviously not very happy or at peace with themselves.

  3. Definitely a tourist.