Saturday, July 5, 2008

How to get seated faster

My wife and I decided to head to CittaNuova for dinner Thursday night. We sat right near the hostess desk and heard an earful of good times. Most people would not be happy with this table, but we were able to sit quickly and listen to the ensuing fun.

The highlight of the evening was when two women came in and approached the hostess.

"How long for a table?"

Hostess replies nicely, "30-35 minutes."

"Uh, well is there any place else to eat in town?"

Hostess replies nicely, "Well you can walk around, there's Sam's and Rowdy Hall."

"What kind of restaurants are those?"

Hostess again replies nicely as she is busy with real customers, "Italian and American."

Off they go, but right behind them is a couple. He puts their name on the list and is nice to the hostess.

About 10 minutes later the dynamic duo shows back up and asks to put their name on the list. "I'm really hungry."

Hostess, who at this point should tell them they've run out of food, nicely replies, "Sorry, but I can't seat people based on their hunger levels."

They then camped themselves at the gelato case and grabbed a waiter asking if they could have some bread. While this occurred the nice couple who had been behind them on their first visit were promptly seated.

- The Editor

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