Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Snubbing at Starbucks

Alright, so I'm at the Bridgehampton Starbucks and I'm waiting in line to get my drink, and this woman in a flimsy-looking white sundress that was way too short, complete with large hat and sunglasses proceeds to the counter, completely cutting me off.  I proceed to glare at the back of her head, but I don't say anything. 

While we're waiting for the baristas to finish up what they were doing she turns around and asks me "Did you order?" 

So I say, "No, I'm waiting."  She looks at me for a second then just turns around and stays there.

Then, after I get my beverage I sit down to study and her idiot kid proceeds to run around the store screaming.


- HG

1 comment:

  1. Why didn't you say anything? A chance to teach politeness is an opportunity to help these "manners ignorant" people a less on in civility. Think of it as a public service.