Sunday, July 22, 2007

Your horn might cause my car to disappear

On my way out to the Hamptons last Friday I stopped for gas in Manorville. As Mobil was jam packed with cars I opted for 7-11 thinking I would gas up quickly and be on my way.

I pulled up to the 2nd pump and began to fill up. The car ahead of me was also gassing up. When I was done and ready to go I saw that I could not pull forward as the car ahead had still not completed his gas transaction. My only option then would be to throw the car in reverse and back out. However, when I checked my rear view I noticed a rather expensive car had backed the rear of his car inches away from me, trapping me at the 7-11 gas pump.

How pray tell did he think any of us were going to escape?

So though I hate the horn, I gave it a tap and waited. Nothing happened. Well what course of action did I have but to put the car in reverse and be ready to move? It seemed to work wonders because said expensive car charged away with lightning speed allowing me to reverse and be on my way.

So at least the debacle ended quickly and with no further calamities.

-Trapped at 7-11


  1. You got in your car to drive out and the other driver made way for you?

    Amazing story.

  2. Slim Jim -

    I think the point was that the person wasn't moving until his car was threatened by going into reverse.

    The Editor

  3. And this doesn't happen at gas stations all around the country?

  4. Why do people constantly criticize and complain about the posts? If you don't like the story then just don't freaking comment!