Thursday, July 26, 2007

WTF on the LIRR

My friend and I were taking the train back from the city when the following conversation occurred between two gentleman a few seats ahead of us.

"Ugh...f***ing train...Y'know what I hate? Those f***ing people who sit on the f***ing trains and make out!"

"Oh- I know! They are so f***ing annoying! It's like, get a f***ing room! Who are you to disturb my f***ing train ride?"

"Y'know that f***ing column in the paper, about f***ers who f***ing piss people off in the train? We should f***ing submit our story to those f***ers."

I've probably left some choice words out, but, needless to say, my friend and I were flabbergasted. Disturb your ride? How dare they!



  1. I take it you were the inconsiderate gross pigs slobbering each other with no care that the people around you who were completely disgusted.

  2. Oh- actually, no, it was myself and my best friend of the same gender returning from an innocent shopping excursion to Queens. The point of the story was merely to illustrate that they were in fact disturbing our train ride by using illicit language to describe how they had been disturbed. They, for purposes of the story, could have been talking about anything from making out to inconsiderate cell phone usage.