Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mommy what does bullcrap mean?

A woman bellowing loud enough into her cell phone to be heard from the Cooper's Beach overpriced hot dog stand all the way down to the lifeguard stand. This - the day before July 4th - today.

"No you SOB -- I told you I was picking the kids up tonight for the birthday party! "That's Bullcrap - yes she actually said bullcrap -- not the saltier version of the word - maybe just trying to be polite with the hoards of children around her listening to her post-marital bloviating

She goes on and on on what a lowlife, bottom dwelling scum her ex husband is - screeching at the top of her lungs - actually bumps into and nearly knocks over someone else's child on the way to the parking lot to continue her screech-fest (very considerate) ..and didn't stop talking as she ignored the child she bumped.

Do people - especially Southamptonites - have a clue they can be overheard on their cell phone. Other overheard LOUD cell phone conversations on the beach -- people discussing salaries - multimillion dollar confidential deals -- talking trash about easily recognizable people. All thinking they are in the privacy of their home.

Astonished on Coopers....

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