Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pass on the left it's safer

I was in the left hand turn lane to turn off 27 (near the post office). The light was green but there was a lot of oncoming traffic. I was waiting for my turn and just as it occurred, the black truck behind me PASSED me on the left (going over the double yellow into the oncoming traffic lane) and made the turn ahead of me. I just missed turning into him. My shock leaves me wondering where rudeness borders on dangerous.

Oh, I missed my chance and had to wait for 10 more cars before I could go.


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  1. E:

    Did you start your turn as soon as the opportunity arose? Perhaps you were motor mouthing on a cell phone, and not totally focused on the task at hand? If you missed an opportunity or hestitated too long to turn, the truck driver may have thought your car had broken down.