Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hamptons Magazine Causes Parking Lot Traffic Jam

I was driving through the main parking lot behind Walbaums, etc, where painted white arrows clearly mark which direction you are supposed to be driving when heading down the parking lanes. I was carefully headed in the correct direction, when I needed to pass someone who was waiting for a spot. As I pulled around, someone was coming in the other direction, just at the beginning of the lane basically sitting on the arrow pointing towards the back of their car. I tried to tell him he needed to back up so traffic could move.

Instead, he made some gestures, then opened a Hamptons Magazine and sat their and read it while me, and everyone behind me, waited for the other car to pull into the space.

This delayed everyone, just so this guy could 'win' by driving in the wrong direction.

What a rude idiot!



  1. Yeah, C. I am feeling your pain, but I would suggest you double check your use of certain words in your tale(s) of is "there," not "their." It just makes you seem silly.

  2. s.p. ellingbee, you're a bully.

  3. Holy cow. Nothing better to do today huh? Did the Independent rebuff your literary skills?