Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekly Wrap Up

If you're a fan of The Rude Hamptons there are two easy ways to subscribe to our stories.

1. Via Email - Using Feedburner (recently purchased by Google) you can subscribe to a daily email that you'll receive only on days of new stories. Click here to subscribe via email. Don't worry we will not sell your email address.

2. Via RSS - Using Feedburner as well you can subscribe to our RSS feeds. This means you can add The Rude Hamptons to your myYahoo, Google homepage or RSS reader, or myAOL.  Click here to subscribe to the RSS story feed. You can also subscribe to the reader comments here.

Need a bumper sticker? Send us your story and I'll send you one via the US Mail. Already sent about a half dozen out. 

If you don't fell comfortable sending a story take a picture of a bumper sticker in action and I'll send you one.

The Editor

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