Monday, July 2, 2007

No parking spaces - use the curb

The strangest part about this story is that it happened in the off season - go figure.

My friends and I were enjoying pizza at Fierros in town, when some idiot pulls his Benz up on the sidewalk, thats right, the sidewalk alongside the exit lane to Reutershan lot. He walks in, as if parking on the sidewalk is totally fine. One of the locals, as well as the guys behind the counter start to explain nicely to this guy that he can't park on the sidewalk, but he ignores them and pays for the pizza he had come to pick up.

A local guy (who was much bigger than the antagonist of this story) starts to get a little aggressive, giving the guy a little grief for his absurd act. The idiot tries to ignore him, then turns to leave and mutters "What are you gonna do about it?" We were all too dumbfounded to speak.

This shows were not safe from idiots like this, even in the off season. I hope he choked on his pizza.



  1. How do you know that the guy confronting the "idiot" was a "local guy?" Are you a local "person," (if so, do you know "all" the locals?) or are you merely attempting to set the confrontation scene between the truly idiotic behavior of the so-called upscale car owner and the rational reaction of someone (presumably a local) who might confront this moron.

  2. i was going mainly on looks- the a hole who parked on the curb was 1. driving a mercedes 2. wearing a nice cashmere sweater 3. obviously no local would do something like park on the curb.

    as far as the "local" goes- i can only assume he was, and yes, i've lived here 12 months a year all my life. the "local" appeared to be very blue collar, was talking with talking with john fierro, and just in no way looked like an out-of-towner.

    jesus, im really sorry if i offended you, s.p. ellingbee.

  3. too bad a truck didn't come by and sideswipe the benz