Friday, August 1, 2008

Yes I Am Better Than You

I was volunteering at a Hampton event today. It wasn't open to the public yet, but someone who apparently thinks he is "Steven Seagal," above the law, comes into the event and proceeds to wonder around.

Another volunteer stops him and asks, "can I help you?"

"Steven" replied, "I'm just looking around."

The volunteer replied, "I'm sorry you need to come back when we are open to the public."

At this point the conversation escalates back and forth. "Steven" replied, "I spend thousands of dollars to come out here every year and I feel I'm entitled to have a preview of the event."

The volunteer replied, "you and everyone else in this town. What makes you think you are so special?"

"Steven" asks, "are you saying you're better than me?"

The volunteer replied, "I'm not saying that at all, all I'm saying is that I'm in charge and I'm asking you to leave."

"Steven" replied, "so you're saying you're word is better than mine?"

The insanity continued, it could have been a Seinfeld episode.

Seeing there was no resolution to the insanity, the volunteer had to walk away.

- Vicky The Volunteer

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