Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where are your manners Panama Jacka$$?

I'm married to a local, who grew up in Springs. We live in Florida now and visit family about twice a year. Summers are exciting for me, torture for him. I drag him into the village all the time for some people watching.

One morning I decided to venture out on my own with my daughter in her stroller. We were hungry and walked up to the Golden Pear on Newtown. As I approached the door (and step) a man dressed in a white, all linen suit jumped in front of me, whipped open the door, and walked right in. Leaving the door to slam in my face.

Forgetting all decorum I yelled after him, "What the F***!??"

A local, had to be a local, noticed and shook his head and helped me through the door and even helped get the stroller up! I was so baffled...I felt like I was in another where they ignore women!

- Jenny

I immediately thought of the Panama Jack guy when I read this story. - The Editor


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  2. Yup. This is exactly how some people out there are (both locals and city ppl), Its sad to say. I grew up in Springs and have lived in PA for oh, 4 years now? In PA most men are gentlemen and open the doors for women with children, the elderly and people just in general seem to hold doors often for one another. While I lived on the East End, I noticed this sort of selfish behavior you mention QUITE often. And like I said I don't think its confined to one group of people, although some of the rich out-of-towners and city people tend to act this way more often. I remember after 9-11 people out east were sooo considerate to each other in the following was almost bizarre. Now when I visit the rest of my family, I notice things are back to normal and there's that "me first" attitude. Its not just something the city people bring to towns on the east end I'm sad to say, although it does seem they do it more often >_>. It's a general attitude in New York or maybe just the entire Island (I used to work up-island and was absolutely appalled at some of the rude behavior I witnessed). Go to many other states and you see that people are far more courteous overall. Not that there aren't plenty of courteous people in the hamptons and east end in general but, I really truly have noticed the difference since being away from 'home'. :( You can hate me for mentioning this, but I mean if you've been away from the east end, the Island or even New York itself, I'm sure many of you noticed the general difference in friendliness and courtesy towards perfect strangers? PS: I'm really not one to want to start any 'fights' on here so if your opinion differs, I accept that and you don't need to rip me a new one in a post ;)